Volume Three

by Collective Order

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After releasing 'Volume Two' we curated a vision for the future of the project: "Looking ahead, Collective Order plans to continue to become more inclusive and reflective of the musical and cultural diversity that Toronto has to offer."

In Volume Three, we created a collection of compositions inspired by our cultural heritages and personal experiences. Toronto is comprised of incredibly diverse and culturally rich communities and when we come together to collaborate, we aim to eliminate imaginary boundaries and establish new traditions.

Finally, we want to acknowledge the land that we are on and in keeping with the collaborative nature of Collective Order, the opening title is a composition written to accompany a traditional land acknowledgement by Native-Canadian artist Melanie Montour.


released November 23, 2018

Collective Order is:

Chris Adriaanse – bass
Julian Anderson-Bowes – bass
Jocelyn Barth – vocals
Mike Campbell – drums
Belinda Corpuz – vocals, guitar
Ewen Farncombe – keys
Jon Foster – drums
Marie Goudy – trumpet
Murray Heaton – saxophone
Joanna Majoko – vocals
Andrew McAnsh – trumpet
Andrew Miller – drums
Liam Stanley – guitar
Emily Steinwall – saxophone, vocals
Colin Story – guitar
Laura Swankey – vocals, piano
Sarah Thawer – drums
Ethan Tilbury – bass
Joel Visentin – keys
Connor Walsh – bass
Nebyu Yohannes – trombone

Produced by Collective Order
Recorded at Canterbury Music Company
Engineered by Jeremy Darby
Assistant engineer Julian Decorte

Mixed by Josh Bowman
Mastered by Justin Gray at Synthesis Productions

Cover artwork by Rebecca MacIntosh
Design and layout by Oana C.R.
Photography by Jon Foster

This album was produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council as well as the generous funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


all rights reserved



Collective Order Toronto, Ontario

Collective Order is a collaborative recording project featuring 21 jazz musicians based in Toronto. Since forming in 2015, the band has released one album of jazz standards and two albums consisting of all-original compositions. Now releasing their third album, the band has undoubtedly developed a distinct aesthetic centred around a shared creative process. ... more

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Track Name: Meadow Lane
I wander, wondering where this life has taken me
What’s next in this mystery?
I don’t know where to go but that’s life

I’m going back to remember what is my name
I hope beginnings will help me find answers
To questions in my mind

Can I learn to fly and rise above the clouds?
I weave through the path
With sun shining down on the meadow lane
Track Name: Will You Love Me
I'll look for you at the water's edge
I'll cling to you once I have found you
But I am scared that there is nobody there
How can I know what's really true?

For you are in the shape of the eyes which seek to find you
And I am still afraid to let go of things that I call mine
Oh I am weak,
I am

But I'm only sure of the springtime in autumn,
And I feel the Earth and I know that you are here

Do you love me, like I love you?
Will you love me as I am?
Track Name: I Hear You
Opening poem written and spoken by Emily Steinwall:

In a dream I saw
A woman with braided hair
And a raven on top of her head.

I know her
She is my grandmother
And lives in my womb.
She makes my mind suffer
And cackles in delight.

She tells me:
“Do not fear the chaos in your body
For you are here to dance with it.

Do not fear the power in your voice
For you are here to shake the stars.

Do not fear the crashing waves of the ocean
Which break mountains
And swallow islands whole.

Do not fear the chaos in your body
For one day you will birth flowers
From your rotting flesh.

Time walks in steps much longer than you.

Do not fear your body
For it is all that is at once.”

Lyrics by Belinda Corpuz and Laura Swankey:

I hear you
I hear you

Crossed the ocean,
Sold everything for young love.
Strangers traveling
Hope for a new beginning.

My strange lover became my broken home keeper
The blind father missed the sick mother

Keep the home, say your prayers,
Scrub the floor, say your prayers,
Feed the men, say your prayers.

Keep the home, say your prayers,
Scrub the floor, say your prayers,
Feed the men, say your prayers.

Keep the home, say your prayers,
Scrub the floor, say your prayers,
Birth my babe, on my knees, say my prayers.

I hear you
I hear you
I hear you

I was built to carry
This sacrifice in my fresh skin.
I choose to hear you
My backbone will not cave in.

Concluding poem written and sung by Belinda Corpuz, spoken by Paulina Copuz:

In English:

You made me an explorer
I became something I thought I could never reach before
You held strong in your womb
Now I will carry you from
Where you are
Where you are
Where you are is home
And I am here
With you

In Tagalog:

Ginawa mo akong manggagalugad
Ako ay naging isang bagay na naisip kong hindi kailanman maabot
Malakas mong kinimkim sa iyong sinapupunan
Ako ang magdadala sa iyo mula sa
Kung saan
Kung saan
Kung saang ikaw ay tahanan
At narito ako
Kasama ka
Track Name: Mis Dos Países
Ya me cansé de vivir sin cambiar
Los días tan largos y la noche igual
Mi hogar es bonito, no se puede negar
Pero me hace falta algo más.

Hay un terreno de pasión y sol
Con alma palpable y esencia bella
El momento que tocó mi pie al suelo
Sabía que mi vida ya cambió

México lindo, sister to my home
Your spell upon me, fated as Persephone
Never to stay in one place evermore

La aventura ya es parte de mí
Con espíritu lleno, me comprometí
A pasar mi vida entre dos países
Amando todo del norte al sur
Track Name: Meegwetch
Meegwetch, meegwetch, meegwetch, meegwetch…

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